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This photographic gallery contains pictures of winter scenes. You'll notice that several of them are around the Denny creek and Melakwa lake region. That's probably because it is one of my favorite areas. Going out and taking pictures in the winter is actually quite enjoyable. There aren't a lot of people out hiking, and some of the scenes are just beautiful.

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Denny Creek, High Valley IMG_1252

Denny Creek, High Valley

Picture of snow along Denny Creek in the high valley. Denny Creek is one of my favorite places to hike and photograph. This is a picture of the high...
Melakwa Lake with a coat of snow IMG_2617

Melakwa Lake with a coat of snow

Photograph of Melakwa Lake with a fresh coat of snow. It was snowing lightly most of the way up the trail to the lake, but it got amazingly cold as...
Icy Waterfall IMG_2959

Icy Waterfall

Photograph of a small icy waterfall along Denny Creek. But not too small. It is about 10 ft high. It was the day after a snow storm had dumped about...
Keekwulee Falls IMG_2966

Keekwulee Falls

Photograph of a very frozen Keekwulee Falls along Denny creek. This was the same day of hiking with six inches of snow on the trail. I love the...
Snow Crystals IMG_3007

Snow Crystals

When hiking along Denny Creek this last December, I came across this bush with clumps of snow along the branches. I thought that it looked better as...
Denny Creek IMG_3023

Denny Creek

Photograph of Denny Creek at the lower end taken from the bridge. This was taken the same trip with the six inches of trail snow. I had wanted to get...
Village Lights IMG_3046

Village Lights

Some Christmas lights in whistler village just after the first of the year. After 50 years, I finally made it skiing at Whistler Mt. in B.C. Canada....
Frozen Water IMG_4214

Frozen Water

One day i went in search of frozen water, and found it along Denny Creek. I love the swirls of ice.
Frozen River IMG_4241

Frozen River

Photograph of reflections in the water at sunset in an otherwise frozen river at Franklin Falls. Luckily I was wearing my spikes on my boots, as the...
Boulder River IMG_4325

Boulder River

Photograph of brilliant green moss on the boulders in the Boulder river with the ice and snow. Hiking and photographing in the winter can sometimes...

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