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This is a set of my favorite photographs. Almost all of these are also covered in other categories, but I have grouped them here So the best of the pictures can be found in one single place.

Picture Image Model Item Name
Monuments IMG_7563


Photograph of Monument Valley taken from Hunt's Mesa. We arrived at the mesa after a rainstorm. Fortunately it had stopped raining by the time we got...
Water Lily IMG_5275

Water Lily

This photograph of a water lily was taken in the botanical garden in Sydney, Australia. I spent the day wondering around the harbor area, and found...
Snow Lake IMG_6425

Snow Lake

This is one of my favorite photograph of Snow Lake. There was still ice on the lake, and this was taken in mid July.
Mt. Rainier in Her Autumn Gown. IMG_0712

Mt. Rainier in Her Autumn Gown.

One of my favorite picture of Mt. Rainier with all the fall foliage in the foreground. It was taken about the second week of September on a beautiful...
Marina Sunset IMG_6540

Marina Sunset

Photograph of sunset taken at the Shileshole Marina in Seattle. When I arrived at the marina to take some pictures, the area was full of police and...
Hawaiian Sunset IMG_9381

Hawaiian Sunset

Photograph of a sunset in Hawaii. We were having dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in Kailua/Kona. We always plan for sunset dining. A very...
Seattle Skyline IMG_2919

Seattle Skyline

This is the second of the classic skyline pictures taken a few minutes later. I had hoped for a slightly brighter sky, but this will do.
Balloons at Sunrise IMG_3917

Balloons at Sunrise

Photograph of balloons at sunrise over the desert near Sedona, AZ. I had just gotten out of my tent in the morning and saw them coming our way. (We...
Cathedral Rock IMG_3911

Cathedral Rock

Cathedral Rock is just on the outskirts of Sedona, Az. This photograph was taken shortly after sunset when the red rocks seem to literally glow..
Arno River (Rome) at Night IMG_2489

Arno River (Rome) at Night

I went wandering down toward the river after dark, and had the chance to take in some marvelous views. This photograph is of a bridge crossing the...

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