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Pictures of flowers that are normally found in gardens. An interesting way to meet your neighbors is to wonder around the neighborhood in the spring taking photographs of the flowers in their gardens.

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Water Lily IMG_5275

Water Lily

Photograph of a water lily taken at the botanical garden in Sydney Australia. I had spent the previous two weeks trekking around South Island New...
Cherry Blossoms IMG_5983

Cherry Blossoms

Photograph of Cherry Blossoms taken at the University of Washington. It was a beautiful spring day, and I went up to the UW quad to see if I could...
Pansy IMG_6020


Photograph of a Pansy from my back yard. My wife was away on a trip with her high school girl friends at the time. I sent her a flower picture a day...
White Bearded Iris IMG_6023

White Bearded Iris

Photograph of White Bearded Iris from my front yard. This is another of the pictures I sent my wife while she was on vacation with her girlfriends.
Climatis IMG_6030


Photograph of a Pink Climatis blossom. We have a Climatis growing up over the porch railing in the front of the house. It is a wonderful greeting in...
Pink Rose IMG_4948

Pink Rose

Photograph of a pink Rose taken in a garden in New Zealand. We had been riding in a bus all morning getting to our next destination. We had a short...
Passion flower IMG_6038

Passion flower

Photograph of a Passion Flower in my back yard.
Purple Iris IMG_6117

Purple Iris

Photograph of a Purple Iris
Daisy with Bee IMG_0510

Daisy with Bee

Photograph of a yellow daisy with a bee in search of some nectar. Must be good, because there were dozens of bees in the flower bed.

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