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Pictures of flowers that are normally found in tropical climates like Hawaii. Having lived in Hawaii in the past, but now living on the mainland, we take frequent trips back home. One of my great pleasures is to take pictures of some of the beautiful flora in the islands.

Picture Image Model Item Name
Orchid IMG 1525


Image of an orchid taken in Hawaii
Yellow Hibiscus IMG_9574

Yellow Hibiscus

Image of a yellow Hibiscus taken in Hawaii
Ohia tree IMG_9349

Ohia tree

Image of an Ohia tree taken in a crater on the island of Hawaii
Plumeria blossoms IMG_5523

Plumeria blossoms

Image of a group of yellow and white Plumeria blossoms.
Big Leafs IMG_7576

Big Leafs

Image of big leafs surrounding tiny Orchid
Flower IMG_9122


Image of a flower taken in Hawaii.
Water Lily IMG_3568

Water Lily

Water Lily in Hawaii after a brief rain shower.
Ginger IMG_4111


Photograph of a Ginger blossom, with a gecko getting some lunch. When I first saw this the gecko had his head deeply buried in the flower, but as I...
Yellow Hibiscus IMG_5626

Yellow Hibiscus

Photograph of a yellow Hibiscus taken on the garden isle of Kauai

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