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Wild Flower Gallery

Pictures of wild flowers normally found in nature and not often cultivated

Picture Image Model Item Name
Butterfly on Flower HPIM0815

Butterfly on Flower

Image of a butterfly on a flower
Mushrooms IMG_0499


Image of some mushrooms taken on the trail to Lake Serene
Bear Grass IMG_6436

Bear Grass

Image of Bear Grass with bees taken at Snow Lake
Indian Paintbrush IMG_0771

Indian Paintbrush

Image of Indian Paintbrush taken in the Cascade Mountains
Wildflower Meadow IMG_3269

Wildflower Meadow

Photograph of a mountain meadow covered in wildflowers. This picture was taken near Goat Lake in late August. It seems a bit late for the profusion...
Dew Drops P1020678

Dew Drops

photograph of a leaf covered with dew drops seen on an early morning hike.
Purple Trillium IMG_2410

Purple Trillium

Photograph of a purple Trillium. These flowers are commonly found in the Cascade mountains shortly after the snow melts.
Blue Lupine IMG_3280

Blue Lupine

Photograph of blue Lupine with a bumble bee getting some nectar. Lots of Lupine and lots of bees. Difficult to get a picture as the bees move from...
Mushrooms IMG_500


Photograph of some mushrooms growing through the moss on an old log. While not exactly a flower, this is a nice picture and it is flora.
Bear Grass againt Mountain Heather IMG_6159

Bear Grass againt Mountain Heather

Photograph of Bear Grass against a field of mountain heather.

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