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Fall Colors Gallery

Photographs of fall colors. Autumn is many peoples favorite season. The crispness in the air, and the beautiful colors of the fall foliage.

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Fall Aspens along road IMG_7289

Fall Aspens along road

Image of Quaking Aspens along a mountain near the North Rim Grand Canyon N.P.
Fall Aspens IMG_7291

Fall Aspens

Image of Aspens in the fall at North Rim Grand Canyon N.P. We went on a photography class with the Grand Canyon Field Institute on the North Rim....
Aspens IMG_3443


Photograph of Aspens in the fall. This picture was taken in the San Francisco Mountains outside of Flagstaff AZ at the beginning of October. We had...
Aspen Trunks IMG_3486

Aspen Trunks

Photograph of the trunks of Aspen trees in the forest. This was taken on that same trip where the government shut down and locked us out of the park....
Lacy Maple Tree IMG_3558-1

Lacy Maple Tree

Photograph of a lacy red maple tree. This was also taken in the San Francisco Mountains outside of Flagstaff. We had a great hike that day and ended...
Multi-color Maple Leaves IMG_3561

Multi-color Maple Leaves

Photograph of Multicolored Maple leaves. This was also taken in the San Francisco Mountains outside of Flagstaff AZ. It is interesting to note that...
And So It Begins IMG_6665

And So It Begins

One red leaf in an otherwise green tree. This is a sure sign that fall is here.
Reflections of Autum IMG_6599

Reflections of Autum

A Gray, drizzly day in Vermont, but the colors sand reflections are very nice.
Peaceful Park IMG_6631

Peaceful Park

A peaceful fall day in the park. A nice tree with a stream flowing by.
Water Flowing IMG_6740

Water Flowing

Water flowing down a stream with a nice tree and leaves on the bank.

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