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This is a series of photograph I took while in Peru on two separate occasions. The first was to hike the Inca Trail to Machu Pichu. and the second was to recover some of the pictures from Machu Pichu. Both were fascinating trips, and while some of the excursions overlapped, there were some differences and I was able to see a lot of different things. The reason for the two trips was because I lost my camera on the first trip, and only had pictures from most of the Inca trail, as I had changed memory cards before the final day coming into Machu Pichu. So I didn't get any of the pictures I had taken in Machu Pichu and in Lima. While I still don't have the pictures I had taken in Lima, I intend to go back some time and retake many of those also.

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Priest with Offering IMG_0094

Priest with Offering

The priest after the offering with the offering prepared in front of him. He would later take the offering and burn it as an offering to the ancient...
The Map IMG_0143

The Map

The map of the Inca trail. We follow the trail from right to left on the red line. The first pass is Dead Woman Pass at 13,780 ft.
Traditional Blessing IMG_0086

Traditional Blessing

Before Starting on our trek along the Inca Trail, we visited a Inca priest for a traditional blessing held in a meadow above the valley. The setting...
Getting Organized IMG_0130

Getting Organized

Getting Organized for the trip. Porters carried the vast majority of the equipment. All we had to carry was a day pack with rain gear, snacks, etc....
Faster IMG_0139


There is a faster way to get to Machu Pichu, but it isn't as much fun.
Inca Trail Group IMG_0137

Inca Trail Group

The start of the Inca Trail. This is the group of folks I went on the trail with. A great bunch of people, and we had a great time.
Bridge at Start of Inca Trail IMG_0142

Bridge at Start of Inca Trail

This is the bridge at the start of the Inca Trail. The trail starts when you cross the bridge. It is a national park and you have to have tickets...
Porters IMG_0146


These are a couple of the porters for our little group. They carry all the heavy stuff like sleeping bags, tents food, utensils, etc. They each carry...
Inca Ruins along the Trail IMG_0158

Inca Ruins along the Trail

This is one of the first of the Inca ruins that we see along the trail. As you can tell, it was a significant settlement along the river. Although it...
Looking Back IMG_0168

Looking Back

The view looking back down the valley along the trail on the first day.

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