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Pictures of landscapes from the northwest United States, I have include some picture from Glacier as part of the Northwest, Maybe not quite correct, but close.

Picture Image Model Item Name
Lake Suprise IMG_6395

Lake Suprise

Image of Lake Surprise with ice still floating in the lake in July.
Ripples in the Lake IMG_6355

Ripples in the Lake

Image of Lake Surprise with surface ripples and reflections. Still lots of ice on the lake in mid July
Lake Alaska IMG_5941

Lake Alaska

Photograph of Lake Alaska on a recent backpacking trip. This is about 7 miles or so North along the PCT out of Snoqualmie pass. I suppose yo could...
Snow Lake Reflections IMG_6425

Snow Lake Reflections

Image of Snow Lake with reflections of the mountains. This picture was taken in the middle of July, and you can see how much snow and ice is still on...
Snow Lake from Ridge IMG_6406

Snow Lake from Ridge

Image of Snow Lake as you cross the ridge above it taken in mid July
Snow Lake Meditation IMG_6430

Snow Lake Meditation

Image of Snow Lake with young lady meditating on the lakes edge
Snow Lake Colors IMG_6447

Snow Lake Colors

Image of the Snow Lake with the brilliant colors of the water along the edge
Lake Melakwa IMG_6721

Lake Melakwa

Image of Lake Melakwa. This is one of my favorite places.
Upper Lake Melakwa IMG_6718

Upper Lake Melakwa

Image of Upper Lake Melakwa
Melakwa Stream IMG_6708

Melakwa Stream

Image of the stream joining Upper Melakwa Lake with Lower Melakwa Lake

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