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Pictures of landscapes from the northwest United States, I have include some picture from Glacier as part of the Northwest, Maybe not quite correct, but close.

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Tenaya Lake IMG_5766

Tenaya Lake

Photograph of Tenaya Lake in Yosemite National Park. This beautiful lake is on the road to Tuolumine Meadows, which is North of the valley.
Half-Dome Under the Stars IMG_5800

Half-Dome Under the Stars

Photograph of Half-Dome at night under the stars. Unfortunately, it was a full moon, and so a lot of the stars don't show up due to the very bright...
May Lake IMG_5807

May Lake

Photograph of May Lake. May Lake is in the upper are of the park toward Tuolumine Meadows. As it is about 9350 ft. there is still a lot of snow...
Glacier NP IMG_0640

Glacier NP

View as I enter Glacier NP from the NW
Bowman Lake IMG_0642

Bowman Lake

Bowman Lake where I start my journey through the Northwest corner of Glacier NP
Little Waterfall IMG_0653

Little Waterfall

A little Waterfall along the trail around Bowman lake
Looking North IMG_0658

Looking North

Looking north from the north end of Bowman Lake in Glacier NP
Morning Mists IMG_0667

Morning Mists

Morning mists on Bowman Lake in Glacier NP
Mountains IMG_0678


Beautiful mountains in Glacier NP
Hole=in-the-Wall Falls IMG_0683

Hole=in-the-Wall Falls

Hole in the Wall Falls, Glacier NP

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