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Sunset Gallery

This photographic gallery contains beautiful sunrise and sunset pictures from locations around the world.

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Balloons at Sunrise IMG_3917

Balloons at Sunrise

Photograph of balloons at sunrise over the desert near Sedona, AZ. I had just gotten out of my tent in the morning and saw them coming our way. (We...
Sunset, Okarito, N.Z. IMG_4544

Sunset, Okarito, N.Z.

Photograph of sunset at Okarito beach in New Zealand. Okarito is a small village on the South island of New Zealand, with a population of about 35....
Marina Sunset IMG_6540

Marina Sunset

Photograph of sunset taken at the Shileshole Marina in Seattle. When I arrived at the marina to take some pictures, the area was full of police and...
Hunt's Mesa Sunrise IMG_7601

Hunt's Mesa Sunrise

Photograph of a sunrise from Hunt's Mesa in Arizona. We had spent the night on Hunt's Mesa after photographing Monument Valley from there the...
Hawaian Sunset IMG_9139

Hawaian Sunset

Photograph of a sunset in Hawaii. We were having dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in Kailua/Kona. We always plan for sunset dining. A very...
Hawaiian Sunset IMG_9381

Hawaiian Sunset

Photograph of a sunset in Hawaii with the bright globe of the sun visible, and the orange glow in the sky.
Sunset Hawaii IMG_9482

Sunset Hawaii

Photograph of a sunset from the Big Island of Hawaii. We enjoyed sunsets like this most of the time we were there, largely due to the VOG from the...

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