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This gallery contains photographs taken in Budapest. Budapest is an amazing place to see. At night, the buildings along the Danube all all alight, and create quite a vision

Picture Image Model Item Name
Parliament Building IMG_0956

Parliament Building

Image of the Hungarian Parliament building
Parliament Building at Night IMG_1037

Parliament Building at Night

Image of the Hungarian Parliament building at night with a squadron of UFO flying above it. Actually, I think they are really seabirds, but I won't...
Buda Castle IMG_0927

Buda Castle

Buda Castle taken at dusk
Chain Bridge IMG_0937

Chain Bridge

Image of Chain Bridge with Buda Castle in the background
St. Stephens Church IMG_0839

St. Stephens Church

Image of St. Stephens church
St. Stephens at night IMG_0938

St. Stephens at night

Image of St. Stephens at night
The Chain Bridge IMG_0977

The Chain Bridge

The Chain Bridge across the Danube river with St. Stephens in the background

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