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These are photographs taken around the City of Seattle. I figured since I had a Cityscapes gallery, and had a number of of cities represented that I should have one of my home city. So here is the beginning of the Seattle Gallery. I have many, many other Seattle pictures, which I will add to the gallery over time.

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Skyline-1 IMG_2895


Photograph of the Seattle skyline taken from Kinear park. I went out one evening in the fall to get a couple of pictures of the Seattle skyline at...
Skyline-2 IMG_2919


This is the second of the classic skyline pictures taken a few minutes later. I had hoped for a slightly brighter sky, but this will do.
Skyline-3 IMG_2926


This is the third in the Skyline series taken just a little after sundown with the lights of the city. You can still see Mt. Rainier in the...
Duck Dodge-2 IMG_6072

Duck Dodge-2

Rounding the mark on the second leg of the race. You can't see the mark in this picture, but it is toward the right side. So there is some strategy...
Duck Dodge-1 IMG_6110

Duck Dodge-1

Every Tuesday evening in the summer, there is a sailboat race on Lake Union, just on the North edge of downtown Seattle. Basically, anyone that wants...
Duck Dodge-3 IMG_6112

Duck Dodge-3

Down the last leg. These boats are on the last leg, which is somewhat downwind, and some of them have their spinnakers out.

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