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These are a few photographs taken in Bratislava, the capitol of Slovakia. We stopped here for a couple of hours on the road from Budapest to Vienna. We spent our time in the old part of town. Unfortunately, we only had such a short time, and it is clear that the city is beautiful. I had a great time capturing just the few photos that I did. I will have to go back soon and spend some quality time there.

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Town Gate IMG_1079

Town Gate

This is a view of the old town gate. visitors used to pass into the town through one of several gates like this.
After Church IMG_1089

After Church

I just happened across this scene. The num was walking up the street just after church. The church is actually the building on the right side of the...
Flirting with the Ladies IMG_1097

Flirting with the Ladies

He may be a statue now, but in days gone by, one can just imagine him flirting with the ladies seated on the bench.
Bicycle Ride IMG_1105

Bicycle Ride

A pair of old bicycles as bookends for a bike stand. One can just imagine people riding around the old city on bicycles like these and attending to...
Building Style IMG_1111

Building Style

I rather liked the front of this building: the great front doorway with the window box above and the statues at the corners. I also like the lace...
Town Square IMG_1116

Town Square

This shows the main town square of the old town. One can see the wonderful architecture of the old buildings, with people sitting at the cafes...

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