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This gallery contains a set of pictures taken in and around Vienna, Austria. In addition to the photographs in Vienna, there are a set of pictures taken while on a day trip up the Danube River from Durnstien to Melk. This was actually one of the more interesting parts of the trip.

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Palace Gardens IMG_1117

Palace Gardens

This is the palace gardens behind the palace in Vienna, Austria.
Palace IMG_1121


Photograph of the front of the palace in Vienna. They were having a "Sports Day" coming up, which accounts for all the tents you see on the left.
Palace-1 IMG_1191


Photograph of the front of the palace. Note the double headed eagle in gold at the top. This is a symbol of the Hapsburg's.
Statue IMG_1143


Photograph of a statue at the papace.
Summer Palace IMG_1157

Summer Palace

Photograph of the Hapsburg summer palace from the front. Heavens, I can barely deal with a small house, and they have this a a summer house.
Fountain at Summer Palace IMG_1164

Fountain at Summer Palace

Photograph of one of the fountains in the front of the summer palace.
Back Yard Garden IMG_1169

Back Yard Garden

Photograph of the back yard garden at the summer palace. It probably stretches back there and up the hill a couple of hundred meters.
Garden Fountain IMG_1176

Garden Fountain

Photograph of the fountain at the back of the garden at the summer palace.
Church Towers IMG_1194

Church Towers

Photograph of the towers of a church sticking up above the trees. Because of the "Sports Day" activities at the palace and around the area, it was...
Cathedral IMG_1225


Photograph of the Cathedral in downtown Vienna.

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