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The city of canals, Venice is an amazing place. Unfortunately, parts of it appear to be sinking into the sea. This city is basically kept alive by the tourist industry as it has no real industry other than that. It is also largely a walking city. There are no cars, and many of the streets are very narrow. The famous gondolas pass for public transportation, but these days they are mostly used to give rides to tourists. There are water taxis along the Grand Canal, which are kind of like buses in most other towns. An interesting place. Please enjoy the pictures. I will post some more of Venice in a few days.

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Sunset IMG_1776


This was the sunset on our first evening in Venice. The building in the foreground is the old customs house.
St. Mark's Square IMG_1777

St. Mark's Square

S. Marks Square is one of the more famous places in Venice. It is also one of the places that is sinking, and the square partially floods during high...
St. Mark's Church IMG_1778

St. Mark's Church

Once St. Mark's opens for tourists, the square becomes very crowded. The lines are very long, and the only real solution is to sign up for a tour...
Venice Flag IMG_1816

Venice Flag

The city flag of Venice is also St. Mark's flag. It is visible almost everywhere you go in Venice.
Rush Hour IMG_1875

Rush Hour

Rush Hour along the canals of Venice. Sometimes you wonder how the Gondolas can actually get through during the busy times.
Quiet Canal IMG_2038

Quiet Canal

A quiet canal in Venice. Some of the time, the canals ar quiet as in this photograph.
Gondolas IMG_1914


Her we have a gondolier in traditional garb in a traditionally decorated Gondola using a cell phone. A little bit of a discontinuity. Old vs new.
Bridges IMG_1792


A city of many canals and separate islands needs to have a lot of bridges to connect them all together. They also have to allow space underneath for...
Flooding IMG_1964


A photo of St. Mark's Square at high tide. Here, you can see the reflection of St. Mark's church in the water that backsup from the storm drains in...
Clock at St. Mark's IMG_1832

Clock at St. Mark's

The clock and chimes at St. Mark's Square. The two figures at the top hammer the bell when the clock chimes.

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