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Photographs taken in and around Rome. Much has been said about how amazing Rome is to see and feel, and it truly is an amazing place. We stayed in the old city in a place that has roots back over 500 years. Two of the doorways in our room were stone structures from over 500 years ago. It was a convient place to walk around and see much of the old city.

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Arno River at Night IMG_2489

Arno River at Night

I went wandering down toward the river after dark, and had the chance to take in some marvelous views. This photograph is of a bridge crossing the...
Castle Sant'Angelo IMG_2493

Castle Sant'Angelo

A photograph of Castle Sant'Angelo taken at night across the river. The Castle features prominently in the book "Angles and Demons" by Dan Brown.
Piazza Navona IMG_2498

Piazza Navona

Photograph of Piazza Navona. This was only a couple of blocks from where we stayed, and is a marvelous place to see. Here you can see the church and...
Piazza Navona Obelisk IMG_2504

Piazza Navona Obelisk

This photograph shows the Obelisk and fountain with the church in the background at Piazza Navona. The photograph was taken in the early morning...
Pantheon IMG_2514


Photograph of the Pantheon. The present building was constructed in 126 CE, and has been in continuous use since then. Since the 7th Century, it has...
Castle Sant'Angelo-2 IMG_2527

Castle Sant'Angelo-2

This is a day-time photograph of Castle Sant'Angelo taken from across the bridge as you approach the Castle. I wanted to include a day-time picture...
Bridge in the Daytime. IMG_2528

Bridge in the Daytime.

I have also included a photograph of the bridge picture taken during the day-time.
St Peters IMG_2538

St Peters

Photograph of St. Peter's Basilica. This is early morning before the major crowds have arrived. But as you can see on thlower right side, they people...
Colonade IMG_2543


This is a photo of the curved colonnade that is on both sides of St. Peter's courtyard.
Obelisk at St. Peter's IMG_2549

Obelisk at St. Peter's

This shows the Obelisk in front of St. Peters as seen through the columns of the colonnade.

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