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Print Sizing

Print Sizing

The print sizes given in the drop down list can be somewhat confusing, and so this is meant to help explain the sizing somewhat.

Most of the images on the site have a native aspect ratio of 2:3, and this is the image that is shown.. This would naturally result in an 8x12 image. However many standard picture frames and photo mats are for 8x10 images. Which means that somewhere along the line you loose 2 inches of image along the length of the image. If you order an 8x10 image, I will select what area of the image gets lost in the print. The other option is to order the 8x12 print (the price is the same. Then you have the option of what part of each edge of the image to not display in your 8x10 formatted frame.

I should note that a couple of the images are panoramas, and therefore have a weird aspect ratio. In those cases, the print size will have the longest side as the dimension you order. The aspect ratio is shown for these prints.

Not all of the images are available in all sizes. Some of them have a much smaller resolution (number of pixels) than would allow good prints at the larger sizes. For this reason, they are not available in the larger sizes.

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